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Thrinitial release of the DeFi application ecosystem Ymer – The originof distributed business


2000-2010s:cypherpunk 密码朋克2020s:mechanism design punk 机制设计朋克

Cryptography+blockchainsis the concrete (sturdy+safe building material)Economics is thearchitecture science (putting pieces together to serve afunction)密码学+区块链=混凝土(坚固且安全的建筑材料)经济学是建筑科学(赋予材料以型,以灵魂)




DecentralizedID + reputation

以太坊区块链软体公司ConsenSys创始人经营者JosephLubin 谈到了以太坊业务的前景,在他眼中,DeFi是令人震惊的,DeFi将成为一个巨大的磁铁,到时候,无论谁通过新的商业模式,亦或是传统业务,都能吸引到全球范围内的企业,并最终形成去中心化的全球经济。JosephLubin还表示,大中型企业将开始在公共区块链平台上开展重要业务。就像ConsenSys跟微软、EY(安永)公布了新项目BaselineProtocol,允许企业客户访问以太坊区块链上构建的去中心化金融(DeFi)服务,而不必全面公开私人信息,从而解决数据同步的问题。


Joseph Lublin, the founder and operator of ConsenSys, a blockchainsoftware enterprise running on Ethereum talked about the prospects ofthe businesses on Ethereum. In his eyes, DeFi is incredible and willbecome a huge magnet. At that time, whoever use Ethereum in newbusiness applications or traditional fields will attract enterprisesfrom all over the world and form a decentralized globaleconomy in the end. Joseph Lublin also said thatthe large and medium-sized enterprises are already arrangingimportant businesses on public blockchains, just like the new projectBaseline Protocol published by ConsenSys, Microsoft and EY whichgives access to the clients to go through the DeFi services onEthereum to solvethe data synchronization problem withoutpublishing their personal information.

It is worth mentioning that in July, the crypto assets locked on DeFihas passed the 1 billion dollars mark and reached to 13 billiondollars in November. DeFi is experiencing an explosive growth with upto 40% of user increase in October. Since 2015, DeFi has developedand explored for about 6 years and has finally reachedto an outbreak.DeFi will bring about a whole newbuisiness model and become the important pushing power to promote theglobal decentralized economic integration.

Ymer – The era of distributed business is starting from now on!


Ymerwas designed based on the underlying technology of Ethereum. Itadopts systems including compounded consensus mechanism P-POS(POW*POS), DeFi risk-free stake mining, Uniswap decentralizedtransaction, Superstring system, common node mining, self governingecosystem for distributed business. These systems all link one withanother to form a giant self governing trust-worthy Internet ofValue, which will be able to accommodate unlimited individuals andbusiness models, and to be compatible for any reliance andtransaction scene, in order to build a distributed business system inthe era of digital economy.



Asthe proof of rights for the individuals in the Ymer ecosystem, YMTenables its holders to have the rights to vote, to make decisions,and to share profits. YMT is a DAPP constructed based on theunderlying technology of Ethereum. All mechanisms and protocols aredeployed under smart contracts. As the only proof of rights in thewhole community, YMT has total supply of 21 million and will never beadditionally issued. The allocation method is as follow:


30%   永久锁仓搭建9个上节点,每日全网挖矿17%归上节点所有用于原始社区建设及技术团队建设维护;

30%   9 upper nodes locked forever. 17% of thetotal rewards allocated to the upper nodes every day which will allbe used for the construction of the community and the maintenance ofthe technological team.

5%    搭建共识社区及21个创世通用节点,监督和选举上节点,每个节点可认购5万YMT(1YMT=0.5USDT),最低持仓3万枚/节点每日全网挖矿3%21个世节点所有

5%    21 initial common nodes to constructconsensus communities, to supervise and to elect the upper nodes.Each node will be able to subscribe 50k YMT (1 YMT = 0.5 USDT). 30kYMT required to be held for each node. 3% of the total rewards willbe allocated to the 21 initial nodes every day.

18%  预锁仓用于分布式商业生态建设,按生态治理规则进行释放激励;

18% Pre-locking for the construction of the distributed businessecosystem, will be released as incentives according to the governingregulations of the ecosystem.

1%    即21万枚YMT+157500USDT投入Uniswap流动池启动流动性及质押20挖矿搭建通用挖矿节点完成初始定价为0.75YMT/USDT;

1% Namely the 210k YMT +157500 USDT put into theliquidity pool on Uniswap to launch the liquidity providing. 200kwill be staked to construct the common mining nodes. Complete theinitial price setting at 0.75 YMT/USDT

46%  全部由矿池无损挖矿产出,分5年挖完:



区块速度:15s  (5760block/day)



减产幅度: 50%

46%All yielded through risk-free mining from the mining pool. Will beexhausted within 5 years.

Totalsupply: 9,660,000

Issuingmechanism: P-POS

Blockhash: 15s (5760 block/day)

Blockreward: 10 YMT

Halvingperiod: 345,600 (60 block days), won’t behalved after 5 times of halving


Duringthe creating process of Ymer, the early community members will beable to purchase 21 initial universal nodes in order to bettersupervise the upper-nodes. Each initial node is required to lock50000 BG (0.5 USDT each), of which 1% will be released every day for100 days after the common mining module be brought online. After themainnet be officially activated, we will adopt final eliminationprinciple to compete for the initial universal nodes. The users willbe able to apply for the seat of initial universal nodes after theuniversal nodes reach to a certain number on the whole network.


21initial common nodes subscription method. The snap-up will beavailable once the official website going online on 23rdNov. The details will be subject to the official announcement in ouroversea communities.




Ymerhas combined a series of innovative technologies such as blockchaintechnology, cloud computing, 5G communication, big data and AI, inorder to contribute to the development of the global commercialcivilization.


Inthe future, Ymer will devote itself to constructing a brand newallocation mechanism for the business revenue by adopting theblockchain tokenomics system to drive the degradation of thetraditional industries, to realize the distributed collaborationthrough industrial federalization and communal autonomy, to replacethe traditional management system of the companies, and to form abusinessbody autonomously driven by the users under the spirit ofjoint development, joint sharing and joint winning.


Inthe next few years, DeFi might present an exponential growth. Theinitiation of Ymer will be a landmark of a whole new era wheredistributed business will be based on decentralized finance. It willalso create assets with the value to be more abundant and moreunique. The era of Ymer will start from here. All liberalists aroundthe world, let’s join together and be ready to greet the dawn offreedom!